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The Heat is On: Bruin football players at summer camp. What's New with Bruin Football?
Bruin football players recently returned from summer camp in Fort Worth, where they spent a week learning new plays and learning to execute offensive and defensive maneuvers as an even more-unified team than before. The first day of practice will be August 11, and the first game August 25. See you then!

Bruin Team Records
Best Conference Season: 10-0 in 1993, 1999
Most Wins--Season: 13 in 1996
Most Points Scored--Game: 66 in 1989 vs. Buccaneers
Largest Margin of Victory: 66-3 in 1989 vs. Buccaneers
Most Shutouts--Season: 5 in 1983
Worst Defeat: 51-14 in 1972 vs. Mustangs
Most Yards passing--Season: 852 in 1995
Most Yards Rusing--Season: 3576 in 1990